February 3, 2018

The final match up of the 2017 NFL season has been set and in only a few days, we'll get to see the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles face-off in Super Bowl LII. These two teams were the best of the regular season, both claiming the first seed of their conferences in the playoffs. Their respective journeys haven't been all roses though. Filled with exciting wins and a few heartbreaking losses, let's take...

November 7, 2017

UFC 217 marked the second ever event for the company at Madison Square Garden, and wow did it deliver! The underdogs of the event reigned supreme as three new champions were crowned and a remarkable number of the fights ended via stoppage. Although the card was stacked with tremendous talent and matchups the focus for the most part was primarily on the last three fights.

The main event, which saw British middleweight cha...

October 25, 2017

Hayward held his head in his hands as his ankle was at a nauseating angle to his leg. The rest of the players were in disbelief and the crowd fell silent.

October 15, 2017

So I did write a preview for this game but I didn't finish it by the time the game came around so I decided to write a recap of Liverpool v Manchester United instead. 

The result left much to be desired. A boring 0 - 0 result the same as last year. Mourinho set up his team ultra defensively; this is shown by the fact Man Utd's start striker, Romelu Lukaku, had less touches of the ball than both goalkeepers (22 touches)....

September 23, 2017

Singapore, 16th September 2017, Lewis Hamilton is fighting for his 4th World Drivers Championship. He qualified 5th whilst title rival Sebastian Vettel is start

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